Premio Award Winner ~ Best Musical (Madrid)

A high-powered production that answers the question, where Chicago is concerned there is no such thing as too much. . . . Suffice it to say McNabb has embraced Fosse’s concepts but fueled and flavored the dancing with his own imprint. . . . Which Chicago to select first, the answer is obvious, Chicago at Westchester Broadway Theatre is exactly that – live and vibrant.

– Chesley Plemmons, The News-Times

. . . under the keen direction of Barry McNabb aknowledges its debt to Fosse and doe s that great showman proud, McNabb captures the essence of Fosse’s original choreography without presenting a mere copy. . . . While the film version seems destined to pick up a Best Picture Academy Award, you will not see a better production than at Westchester Broadway.

– Don Collester, Journal America

In a highly polished live staged production of Chicago the gifted performers glide, slink, sway and high-step through the Kander & Ebb numbers brilliantly choreographed by the director Barry McNabb.

– Cynthia O. Topps, Times-Herald Record

If you’ve seen one Chicago, haven’t you seen them all? Certainly not. The Westchester version of Chicago is more sexual and edgy than the movie. ‘This is so Hot,’ murmured one young man to a friend at intermission.

– Louise Lague, The New York Times

THANK GOD FOR BARRY MCNABB. (review headline)

– J Cortez, ABC (Barcelona)

The Great work of McNabb, in the role of Choreographer – the actor/dancers are magnificent – is one of the wonderful uniting factors of this production. . . a global conception that is his creative vigor.

– Juan Ignacio Garcia Garzon, ABC (Madrid)

And the Spanish company had the wise idea to entrust the choreography to Barry McNabb, a perfect expert for this splendid musical. . . a brilliant show by his company of notable artistic talent.

– Alberto de la Hera, GUIA del Occio

The dancers achieve the moments of elevated intensity of the work.

– L Fandino, Diario (Madrid)

. . . the dancers are superb and the choreography, in an instant, we believe that we are on Broadway.

– Nacho Fresno, Diario (Madrid)

. . . as choreographed by Barry McNabb is, upon all, a lethally overloaded review of brilliant frivolity. . . arrives to Madrid an impeccable trajectory, a complete triumph.

– Javier Villan, El Mundo (Madrid)

Chicago is a triumph . . . with the participation of one of the best choreographers worldwide, Barry McNabb.

– Eva Villar, Bilbao…