Emperor Jones

Emperor Jones

Emperor Jones. . . a process reflected with anguished precision in Barry McNabb’s enriching choreography.

– Ben Brantley, The New York Times

Barry McNabb’s choreography is pointed and vivid.

– Terry Teachout, The Wall Street Journal

this nightmarish staging does it full justice

– Frank Scheck, New York Post

And the final dance of the witchdoctor, choreographed by Barry McNabb, is the most affecting piece of dance I have seen in years.

– Amber Gallery, NY Theatre.com

With the use of choreography by Barry McNabb, the staging dramatizes the raging thoughts and feelings that add to the dynamic of O’Neill’s strange tale.

– William Wolf, Wolf Entertainment Guide

the production vividly creates the nightmare world of a man losing his grip on reality

– Jennifer Farrar, Associated Press

there are times when this production looks and feels like a ballet which would aptly be entitled Dance of Death or Dance Macabre.

– Elyse Sommer, CurtainUp.com

Choreographer Barry McNabb creates a stunningly hypnotic voodoo dance, performed with abandon by Sinclair Mitchell.

– David Sheward, Backstage

Especial credit must go also to Barry McNabb’s cunning choreography, which makes entrapment in equal measure horrific and picturesque.

– John Simon, Bloomberg.com

Helped by inventive choreography from Barry McNabb

– Mark Peikert, NY Press

photo by Sara Krulwich