FootlooseIn 1998, Footloose became a Broadway musical. Critical opinion was decidedly negative. But this time, for sure, the show can be appreciated as a stage work. That’s due again to an ideal cast, and to a director, Barry McNabb, who keeps the focus on storytelling… Director McNabb keeps the show fluid through 15 scenes. The link is his choreography, which captures the essence of a song and scene while keeping the cast in character.

– Edward Boroughs, The Journal News

This production admirably succeeds in bringing the dark side of the 80’s musical to light in an introspective way… Director/Choreographer Barry McNabb ties the scenes together seamlessly, song and dance meshing with plot as the cast reels from church to a country bar, from a high school gym to town hall.

– Michael Lachetta, The Rye Record

WBT’s high energy ensemble, as directed by Barry McNabb, rises above the trite lyrics and intrusive placement of the less than memorable new melodies… The creative and infectious choreography was enthusiastically performed.

– Cynthia O Topps, Times Herald Record

Director Barry McNabb moves everything along at a snappy pace, the sets are cleverly designed for the arena setting, and the choreography and music are expertly handled.

– Robert Hirschfeld, Travel Hose

… as Directed and Choreographed by Barry McNabb this Footloose is about much more than dancing. It is about adolescence, relationships, life’s precious moments and sorrows.

– Michelle Jacoby, Sound and Town Report

photo by John Vecchiolla