Sailor’s Song

Sailor’s Song
New York Drama Desk Nominee ~ Outstanding Choreography

Sailor's SongThe musical theme is most obvious in the play’s more experimental aspects – simple but elegant dance numbers (with choreography by Barry McNabb) – and more stealthily present in a script that sings and characters that swell and ebb like the ocean.

– Peter Santilli, NEWSDAY / Associated Press

Choreographed by Barry McNabb. . . . ‘Try a Little Tenderness’ is also heard, accompanying a darker interlude that finds Rich’s uncle John performing a wrenching dance of death with the spirit of his just-deceased wife.

– Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

The thrill of that first night is rendered, as is Carla’s death, in moving dances by Barry McNabb.

– Ada Calhoun, New York Magazine

Discovering their shared attraction, Rich and the ladies begin stepping around to Johann Strauss strains. As choreographed by Barry McNabb, they delightfully display the lightness of being that Shanley’s ‘watercolor’ designation implies.

– David Finkle,

It’s all moving and often funny, with the dance sequences a stunning and inventive fit.

– Elyse Sommer,

Barry McNabb’s endearing choreography, which makes extravagant use of available stage space, it highlights every emotion, every nuance of plot and character with subtle wit and color.

– Matthew Murray,