West Side Story

West Side Story
Connecticut Critic’s Circle Nomination ~ Outstanding Director/Choreographer
Premio Award Nominee ~ Best Musical Production (Barcelona)

To its credit are the potency and precision of the dance sequences, ‘Cool’ and ‘Somewhere’ in particular. The statements they make – how to handle hostility defensively, how to dream your way out of it – emerge with startling lucidity.

– Alvin Klein, The New York Times

The dances and dancers are what give this production the passion and fire that makes this a memorable evening.

– Alberto de la Herra, Guia del Occio (Madrid)

Special commendations to choreographer Barry McNabb who brings American dance to Madrid with incredible force…the dancers become these characters; in intensity – ‘Cool’, in joy – ‘America’, in their dreaming – ‘Somewhere’. Magnificent.

– Javier Vilan, El Mundo (Madrid)

Director/Choreographer Barry McNabb delivers a production that serves the memory of the original with moments of romance, fear, and hate…. The dancers remain explosive and the company strong throughout.

– Jacques LeSourd, Garnett Newspapers (NY, CT, NJ)

Barry McNabb brings to the production the knowledge and style that makes this theatre unforgettable. The dancers serve his choreography well with sharp focus and measured intensity.

– Juan Ignacio Garcia Garzon, ABC (Barcelona)

Wes Side StoryWest Side Story